Onan Generator Repair

Whether you are driving down the road in your RV on your way to a well-planned and much anticipated camping trip or sitting in your garage, the last thing you need to deal with is an Onan generator in need of repair. There are some simple solutions to answering the question, where do I bring my Onan generator for repair?

Through The Internet
The internet is a useful tool in finding a dealership close to you. Using the official Cummins Onan website, type in the information asked of you using the location finder tool. This is easy to use. Just type in the name of your city, the state, and area code then select how far away you are willing to travel and you will be on your way. Most searches will give you more than one dealer in your selected area, if they are available, and list them according to which one is closest to you in mileage.

Also available on the official Cummins Onan website are product manuals, parts available for sale and their usage. Simple questions and a host of information can be found on the site as well. The website is easy to navigate, is well-organized, and understandable to those with a little or a lot of knowledge concerning the Onan generators.

Want DIY repair? Buy Onan parts from Amazon and eBay:

Cummins Onan Distributor or Dealer
One solution is to bring your Onan generator to your local Cummins Onan distributor or dealer. All Cummins Onan distributors and dealerships must enter into and complete a lengthy and full certification cum training process. The Cummins Onan certification process is designed to benefit not only the company and its reputation, but you as the customer and Onan generator owners as well.

The Cummins Onan certification process entails associates studying and learning all aspects of not only the Onan generators but other products as well. Associates are trained to understand how the Onan generator works, how it runs, and its uses. They learn how to adequately and correctly diagnose problems and how to come up with the right solution on how to fix the problem.

Associates are trained to recognize the parts and makings of the Onan generators, their uses and how they run when in working order. Associates also learn how to put all this knowledge together to successfully repair a broken down Onan generator. The certification and training process is meant to give customers a reliable source to go to when their Onan Generator is in need of repair. All associates are knowledgeable in areas related to the Onan generators, allowing them to answer any and all questions you may have.

Cummins Onan makes and designs parts that are specifically meant for the repair of your Onan generator. Cummins Onan distributors and dealerships are located throughout the country. Before bringing your Onan Generator to a dealer for repair, it is a good idea to find out if they are an official dealer, which means they carry full training and certification. There are several ways to find an official Cummins Onan distributor or dealer near you.