Onan Generator Buyer's Guide

There are five essential steps you need to follow to purchase an Onan generator that will be just right to feed your needs. It doesn't matter what type of generator you are looking for, the five essential steps will be required for whatever model you are looking for. It is great that Onan generators come in so many variations and have been manufactured for highly specific uses. Be a wise consumer and take the time to gather up good solid background information before you make your purchase. The five essential steps you need to take when buying an Onan generator are: (1) look at the specification sheets; (2) determine the power source you prefer; (3) estimate your power needs; (4) identify the specific model you intend to purchase; and, (5) decide where you will purchase the product.

Step One. Take the time to review the specification sheets on the models of generators that you are interested in purchasing. Spec sheets will give you valuable information upon which to base your decisions on finding exactly what you need. Spec sheets will lead you to decide what type of power source for the generator that you prefer which is the next step.

Step Two. You will have a choice between power sources that run your generator. The power sources available are: propane, gas, or diesel. The power source will be much a matter of your individual personal preference. Gas power may be your best option. Some consumers prefer diesel over gas. Other consumers seek out propane as a good power source. Your personal preference will guide you here.

Step Three. Estimate how much power you will need your generator to produce. You already know what you need the power for. You have examined the spec sheets so you know which model puts out what level of power. It should be fairly easy to find the model that meets your needs.

Step Four. You will identify the specific model that you want to purchase. You know you have the right model for your needs if you have follow steps one through three above. Knowing the exact model and model number will give you the empowerment to go out and find the model at the best price.

Step Five. If you have followed this buying guide, you are ready to make a good solid informed choice of where to purchase your Onan generator. You know exactly what you want and need. The remaining task is finding the exact model at the price you are willing to pay. Price and service will be your final considerations. You might want to get online and shop directly from the manufacturer. The direct price may be lower than purchases made from vendors and dealers. Do not assume the direct price will always be the lowest. At times, manufacturers provide incentives to companies and dealers to sell their products. The incentives that other may offer could save you big money. You can shop locally to check prices and servicing options available to you. Sometimes the added benefits of service and repair on the spot will trump price-only considerations.