How to Repair your Onan Generator

Repairing your generator will help increase its lifespan and durability. Keeping it in a good working condition requires that you service it regularly according to the recommendations written on the user's manual. This includes frequently changing the oil, replacing the air conditioner, spark plug and the air filter. These are the main maintenance procedures that will help in keeping your generator better.

Replacing the Spark Plug on the Onan Generator
Changing a worn out spark plug with a new one will increase the efficiency of power output of the Onan generator. To replace a spark plug you need to remove the maintenance cover on the Onan generator. Make sure the switch is off and that all wires are unplugged, locate the spark plug on the top unit with a spark plug cover with the image of a spark plug, remove it with a wrench, thread the new spark plug on the housing and tighten it with a wrench, return the plug cover, and also the wires together with the maintenance cover.

Replacing the Air Filter of your Onan Generator
If the air filter is too oily or dusty, then it needs replacement before it spoils the internal parts of the Onan generator. A good air filter increases the efficiency of fuel combustion in the engine and this is the reason one should replace an old air filter with a new one.

First, turn off the power switch and disconnect all the power cords, then unlock the air conditioner tabs and remove the air filter cover, remove the old and worn out air filter and replace it with a new one, reconnect the air filter tabs, reconnect the wires and the generator is good to go.

Changing Onan Generator Oil
Scheduled oil changes for the Onan generator are aimed at keeping its engine well lubricated for its proper functioning. For proper timing on oil change, read your users manual for the recommended oil change schedule. You will need the following tools to change the oil for your generator; a flat head screw driver, a funnel and new oil.

First you need to warm the engine by turning the generator on for a few minutes and then turn it off. This will make oil draining easier when it is warm. Next you remove the maintenance cover, you then remove the oil drain plug and drain the used oil in a separate can, after all the oil is drained, close the oil drain plug and refill the oil tank with new oil. After refill, remove the oil dipstick and make sure your new oil level is correct. To do this you will need to clean the dipstick and dip it again to confirm the oil level.

These are easy to do it yourself tasks that only require a little time but with much value. Maintaining your generator ensures that it is ready for work when you need it and that gives you assurance that you have power back up when you might need it.