Buying Used Onan Generators Guide

If you want to buy a generator on a budget, look for a reliable Onan power generator to buy either online or your closest dealership. You should consider buying a used Onan generator that is well maintained and in perfect working condition. Make sure you ask for the age of the generator before purchasing it to know if it is worth the price. Also ask for the service history records if any to make sure it has no regular failure to avoid disappointment. The following are tips to consider when buying a used Onan generator.

Know the Best Place to Buy a Used Onan Generator
There are numerous places one could buy a used generator if they wished to but there are those trusted places that deliver quality and variety to choose from. Some of these places include ebay, craiglist and amazon. These are great site to buy from because they also offer shipment of goods to your preferred destination. You can also advertise your interest to buy a used Onan generator on your local new paper and online and you will receive numerous offers. There are things you should look for before buying a used generator.

Check whether it is a re-manufactured or as is generator
Buying a re-manufactured Onan generator is recommended. Mostly because it has warranty for replacement and also the worn out parts are replaced and it has also gone through a thorough repair before being sold. This compared to the as is generator which is a bit risky. This is because for one, it could be damaged with a poor service history. Buy as is generator leaves the buyer with the risk of replacing the worn out parts and there is no warranty in buying such goods.

Check for the Age of the Model
The age of a model is very important particularly when it comes to buying replacement parts. Finding parts for older models is a little bit hard compared to newer models whose parts are readily available for purchase. Also, old generators are not reliable as they have reached their lifespan. It is important to buy newer generator models because it will be easy to locate replacement parts. This also goes hand in hand with knowing the model number of your generator so that you can easily get help just by mentioning the model number.

Check the Level of Wear And Tear
Before purchase, make sure that you check for the level of wear and tear of the generator. If it contains visible repairs such as welding, it is best that you turn down the offer instead of buying a poorly maintained generator. Also ask for the service history record to know the service history of the generator. It is best advised that when buying a used generator, one should buy a re-manufactured Onan generator more because it comes with dealer warranty and it is easy to maintain due to the fact that it has a good service history and maintenance.

Buying a used generator saves money because it is cheaper than buying a new machine. However it is important to remember to take care of the machine according to the user's manual. By doing this, you prolong the life of the generator.

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